Firefox Keylogger from TrUe HaCkinG to save passwords

Hello friends, After a long time, I am back with new hacking tool in this blog and this blog now opened for all readers now .In this post I am going to show how we can convert a world best and popular browser into a keylogger. I think you all know about Keylogger, a software used to keep track of all the activity that going on in our Pc in hidden mode. 

How to stop automatic url redirection in firefox

Url redirection are most commenly used by many webmasters to redirect there visitors to new blog from there old blog(website). If it is using for this purpose then it is ok, but many of the websites is not using for this purpose instead of this they are using to install malware on your computer automatically without noticing you or it can also used to redirect to Phishing site to steal sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers from your pc. It always better to know in advance about where your being redirected.

Ok, in this post i will show how to get noticed about Url redirect.

Email Hacking -How to Hack Yahoo Accounts ?

When i was searching on the net i found many of the people interested in Hacking Yahoo Passwords and many of them asking this type of question in different Form but they won't get any proper reply so i decided why not to write a article about Hacking Yahoo Account Passwords.

Hacking Yahoo Accounts is easy but it is possible only when HE(Target Account to be Hacked) is your friend.

Google Update PageRank-TrUe HaCkinG got PR1

When i was chatting one of my friend told that Google has updated the PageRank without neglecting i just opened a PageRank checker site & i entered my blog URL after checking i just shocked seeing the result because my blog got PAGERANK 1 even though it is a new blog & Google gave a page rank 1 .

How I got this rank within a few months..??

How to get a Genuine License for BitDefender Internet Security 2009

As i always like to share good software with Keygens or Licence so here in this post i would like to share How to get a GENUINE LICENCE of BitDefender Internet Security 2009..!! yes this is true you can get Genuine licence of cost $39.95 for free this offer may close soon so please get a Licence as soon as possible for getting this licence follow the simple steps as show below..

How to speedup Adobe Reader ?

Each new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader seem to be getting slower than previous version. I have used Adobe Acrobat Reader since v4 and it was fast. When it was v5 - v7, the loading speed was still fine. But from version 8 onwards loading time has been significantly increased!

Show or hide the Recycle Bin icon in windows vista

In this post i will show you how show or hide your Recycle Bin icon on your windows vista. Recycle Bin is a useful icon but most of the people don't like to show it on there desktop because they like to keep there desktop clean i.e without any icon for those who don't need to show there recycle bin icon please continue reading this post. This is the easiest way to show or delete a recycle bin icon from desktop follow the simple steps as shown ..

Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is moving out of beta: The final version will be available now. The new browser is packed with new features and improved security features, and early reviews and impressions have been largely positive.

I am sure many of you will want to get your hands on the new browser and maybe some of you are hoping to switch over to IE8 as your browser of choice. Whatever your motivations,

Cannot able to Delete Files or Folders ?

When ever we try to delete some files or folder in our PC some times it shows an error like this

* Cannot delete file: Access is denied
* There has been a sharing violation.
* The source or destination file may be in use.
* The file is in use by another program or user.
* Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

or some different errors like this when ever you try to delete files. For this problem Unlocker is the solution!. To get rid of this problem follow the simple steps as shown below

How To Open Multiple ID in Google Talk

By default, we can open only one instance of Google Talk. This limits us to be online in a single Google Talk ID at a given time. Suppose you want to be online in multiple Google Talk ID's at the same time, then how will you achieve it? The trick is very simple and takes just few seconds to implement.

Just follow few steps as shown below...