Download Youtube Video by Installing Script

friends in this post i will tell u how to download "youtube" vedios by installing script(only for firefox user) without going other website.

This is the most easyest way to download youtube vedio.

1. open firefox browser

2. go to

& install the script

3. open the youtube then select the vedio that u want to download.

4. when u open the vedio below there is a download option(as shown in the above fig) click & download.

NOTE: first u must install GREASEMONKEY ADD-ONS

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Hacking Orkut

Google uses a 4 Level Orkut login which makes it difficult to hack Orkut using brute force attack.

First Level- Security-SSL or 128 bit secured connection

Second Level- Google account checks for cookie in the sytem of user

Third Level- Google provides a redirection to the entered User information

Fourth Level- Google doesn’t use conventional php/aspx/asp coding. So it is impossible to hack Orkut using input validation attack!!!

It is not an easy task to hack Orkut by breaking this security! But still some people manages to get access to other’s Orkut accounts. The question concerned is How they do it? Many of them just use simple tricks that fool users and then they themself leak out their password. Here are some points you need to take care of, to prevent your Orkut account being hacked!

Phishing Attack is the most popular way of hacking/stealing other’s password.By using fake login pages it is possible to hack Orkut. Here the users land on a page where they are asked for their login information and they enter their Orkut username and password thinking it to be a real page but actually it is other way round. It submits all the entered details to the creator of the fake login page.

Orkut New Features
: I have come across a page(fake page) that looks like they are giving the user a choice of selecting new features for orkut with your ID and password, of course!! When the user submit’s his/her Orkut login information through this page, there goes his ID and password mailed to the coder.

Community Links: Many times you are provided with a link to a community in a scrap. Read the link carefully, It may be something like OKRUT not ORKUT. This is definitely a trap created by the hacker to hack your Orkut password. Clicking on this link will take you to a fake login page and there you loose up your password.

Java script: You must have seen the circulating scraps that asks you to paste this code in your address bar and see what happens! Well sometimes they also leak out your information. Check the code and if you are unsure of what to do, then I recommend not to use it.So be careful, javascripts can even be used to hack Orkut!

Primary mail address
: If by some means a hacker came to know the password of your Yahoo mail or Gmail, which users normally keeps as their primary mail address in their Orkut account, then hacker can hack Orkut account by simply using USER ID and clicking on ‘forget password’.This way Google will send link to the already hacked primary email ID to change the password of the Orkut account. Hence the email hacker will change your Orkut account’s password. Hence your, Orkut account is hacked too.

So a better thing would be to keep a very unknown or useless email id of yours as primary email id so that if the hacker clicks on ‘Forgot password’ the password changing link goes to an unknown email id i.e. not known to the hacker.Hence your Orkut account saved.

So, I hope that this post not only teaches you to hack Orkut but also to hack protect your Orkut account.

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Remove unwanted application from "open with" list

In windows, we open some files with other supported applications too.. like mp3 files we can open with winamp, media player, itune, or many other mp3 players...
Now here ill tell you hack for how to remove unwanted applications from this open with list..
This is very simple n useful trick
lets go..

1] Run > regedit > hit Enter

2] Registry > My Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > Applications

3] When you expand 'Applications' key then you will see a long sub keys list of program names
like accwiz.exe, BitTorrent.exe, n something like more list..

4] Then select a application key which you want to remove from 'Open with' list..
(e.g.- i selected 'flash.exe' to remove from list)

5] Right click in right side pane in blank area or go to Edit> New

6] add New> 'String Value' (REG_SZ)

7] Change name of string value as 'NoOpenWith' (case-sensitive)

8] We Don't need to set any value data for this string..

9] Refresh your desktop n check open with list for any file..

Finish... :-)

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Removing shortcut mark from icons ..



friends r u bored with seeing short cut mark in the icons ok today i will explain how to remove it in a simple steps without using any softwares.

1. first Open REGEDIT.EXE by writing "regedit" in Start->>Run menu (winlogo+R)


3. then open the Key LNKFILE

4. Delete the value IsShortcut

5. Open the next Key PIFFILE

6. Delete the value IsShortcut

7. Restart the windows.

hack youtube videos & download...!!!!

friends today I will explin you how to download youtube videos in simple step without any software.

1. Go to

2. select the video that you want to download.if I want to download the videos of the below url(fig 1)


3. just add "kick" word to the url(fig2)


4. select the formet that u want to download(fig3) & click "GO" thats all select the path to download the vedio : )

*click on photo to enlarge it


before doing hacking lets know somthing about it.

* What is Hacking?

* Who is a Hacker?

* Who is a Cracker?

* Who is a Script Kiddy?

* What skills do I need to become a Hacker?

* What is the best way to learn Hacking?

* How do I secure my computer from being Hacked?

What is Hacking?

Computer hacking is the practice of modifying computer hardware and software to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose.Hacking is the art of exploiting the flaws/loopholes in a software/module.Since the word “hack” has long been used to describe someone who is incompetent at his/her profession, some hackers claim this term is offensive and fails to give appropriate recognition to their skills.

Who is a Hacker?

A Hacker or White Hat Hacker, also known as Ethical Hacker, is a Computer Security expert, who specialise in penetration testing, and other testing methodologies, to ensure that a company’s information systems are secure. Such people are employed by companies where these professionals are sometimes called Sneaker.

Who is a Cracker?

Black Hat Hackers, who may also be known as Crackers, are Hackers, who specialise in unauthorized penetration of information systems. They may use computers to attack systems for profit, for fun, or for political motivations, as part of a social cause. Such penetration often involves modification and/or destruction of data, and is done without authorization. They also may distribute computer viruses, Internet Worms, and deliver spam through the use of bot nets.

Who is a Script Kiddy?

A script kiddy is a wannabe cracker. These individuals lack knowledge of how a computer really works but they use well-known easy-to-find techniques and programs or scripts to break into a computer to steal porn, music files, SPAM, etc.

What skills do I need to become a Hacker?

There is no magic to Hacking, but like anything else that is worthwhile it takes dedication, a willingness to learn.It is most important to have a good knowledge of topics such as Operating system and it’s working,Computer networks,Computer security and of course Programming.It’s not possible to become a hacker overnight.It’s the skill developed over a long time.

What is the best way to learn Hacking?

The best way to learn Hacking is to start learning about the basics of hacking right from now.There are many books about Hacking that are available today.But before you start learning about the details you must have a basic skills of Programming and knowledge of Computer network security.Internet is the best source to learn about hacking.

How do I secure my computer from being Hacked?

Having a basic knowledge of computer security and related topics such as virus,Trojans,spyware,phishing etc. is more than enough to secure your computer.Install a good antivirus and a firewall.


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