How to stop automatic url redirection in firefox

Url redirection are most commenly used by many webmasters to redirect there visitors to new blog from there old blog(website). If it is using for this purpose then it is ok, but many of the websites is not using for this purpose instead of this they are using to install malware on your computer automatically without noticing you or it can also used to redirect to Phishing site to steal sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers from your pc. It always better to know in advance about where your being redirected.

Ok, in this post i will show how to get noticed about Url redirect.

This tutorial is only for Firefox browser users..


2. In the OPTIONS window click ADVANCED TAB

3. In ADVANCED settings go to GENERAL TAB in GENERAL TAB look for ACCESIBILITY OPTION in that select

Warn we when web sites try to redirect or reload the page

As shown below

firefox settings

4. Then click OK

The below image is showing notification regarding url redirecting message.

url redirection

click ALLOW to go.


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  2. There's a better way that lets you stop HTTP redirects as well:

  3. May have worked 5 years ago but now in the year 2010

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