Google Update PageRank-TrUe HaCkinG got PR1

When i was chatting one of my friend told that Google has updated the PageRank without neglecting i just opened a PageRank checker site & i entered my blog URL after checking i just shocked seeing the result because my blog got PAGERANK 1 even though it is a new blog & Google gave a page rank 1 .

How I got this rank within a few months..??

Here are the few things..

1. I think this is because quality & content of my blog...

2. Commenting on other blog with giving link to your blog.

3. Adopting SEO tips.

4. Link Exchange .. this play a very good role to increase your traffic to your blog.

5. and few other activities..

I need to say Thanks to Google : )

and i need to say very very Thanks to my visitors too...

Keep Visiting and droping comments!

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  1. my blog has also pr 1

  2. @Rohit

    thanks for sharing your PR1 with our blog... : )

  3. Congratulations.
    I'm newbie to this blogger field.
    Please visit my blogs.

  4. Congratulations...
    i have PR1, google gave me this...
    visit my blog
    and my new blog

  5. really bad post. Its not a hack. All people knows that. And yes Page Rank is nothing in increasing traffic. hehe you must be laughing but its correct. This time my page rank is down to 2 from 3 but my traffic is doubled. So post good contents rather then linking your site yourself. i have a blog on increasing this things.

  6. @ADMIN

    where did i say this is a hack ? i just shared my happy with you people about change in Page Rank that's all .... : )

    Thanks for sharing your thought..

  7. Can you tell me how to get high PR?

  8. @Nyi Nyi Myanmar

    y not .. but now a days i am busy with my exams after completing my exams i will post ok..

  9. congrats !!
    Im a new blogger my blog is just 5 days old my Blog name is I hope so my blog will one day have a pr ranking like ur blogs

  10. my blog still have no pr, i hope one day google give pr, congratulation..

  11. suck post.. maybe after i read this.. but good post.. for increase surfer fluently..heee

    maybe if you have info about increase PR fastly you can share too me... i have blog just a few day...

  12. interesting... most bloggers have pr 0 how to get 2,3 ? Amazing pictures

  13. Yes I agree with you and you believe it or not one of music blog certainly got PR1.Actually I think it happens when you have quite good visitors to your web content and that's what I noticed with mine.Thanks great share :)

  14. Me too buddy

  15. Yes congrulations
    Nice best of luck you will get more pr fast.

  16. Nice Post

    my Blog Is

  17. Meu blog nao tem nenhum PR Raiva =/

  18. Congratulations!!!

    I will try to do the suggested activities for my blog too.

  19. so sad...i have only 4 members at my website..and 0 pagerank...anyone know how to hack it?? lol

    also please register for it maybe...please? thanks

  20. No ranks...

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