How to speedup Adobe Reader ?

Each new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader seem to be getting slower than previous version. I have used Adobe Acrobat Reader since v4 and it was fast. When it was v5 - v7, the loading speed was still fine. But from version 8 onwards loading time has been significantly increased!

This is because a bunch of new Plugins was introduced in it which makes no sense to most of user who mostly uses Adobe reader only to read pdf files and nothing else, are introduced in every new release which is making the Acrobat Reader system very slow.
Here i came with solution for speed up of Adobe Reader you do it by downloading a software.

I found a one of the software which realy speed up the adobe reader just like your Notepad yes it's true i have tested it & it worked fine & it is also a Freeware !

What does this software do..?

The answer is simple It’ll disable plugins that many of us don’t use and so, speeds up the loading time.

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  1. hey buddy can u mail me registration code for winamp 5.552 plzzzz

  2. @SHER
    download it here..

  3. sorry its not working
    my version is 8.1.4


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