Making your own shortcut key to open an folder

In this tutorial we´ll see quickest way through which you can open favorite folders and programs.With this trick , you´ll be able to open many folders (or) programs in a short period of time. It is really useful, at least by my opinion. Lets see how it works on my computer. In my example i am taking folder named as "HACKING2ALL" & "P.K.ARUN" to open it in Alias Name(Short name).

1. Navigate to the folder that you want to make a Alias Name ( In my example i taken the folder named as "HACKING2ALL" & "P.K.ARUN" )

2. Create a shortcut on the desktop as shown in the figure

3. Rename shortcuts to alias names(shortcut name) in my example i taken as "P" & "K"

4. Cut or Paste shortcuts to C:\WINDOWS.

5. Go to Run option and type alias name. In my example alias names are "P" and "K"
Shortcut Key : press win logo key + R and alias key and enter.

When you press OK the folder "P.K.ARUN" will opens

What is the concept behind this trick ?

The answer is Any file (or) shortcut you place inside C:\windows folder is a command for run prompt this is the logic behind this trick i hope it will helpful to you.

Leave your comments if any trouble appears


  1. Wow it's amazing..!!!

  2. its nice .. keep doing..

  3. It's simple and usefull. Thanks!

  4. HUH! there is nothing to know every bosy know this....!

  5. Thanks works

  6. y did you create shortcut instead you could have placed d file directly in C:\WINDOWS. ???


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