Hacking Orkut

Google uses a 4 Level Orkut login which makes it difficult to hack Orkut using brute force attack.

First Level- Security-SSL or 128 bit secured connection

Second Level- Google account checks for cookie in the sytem of user

Third Level- Google provides a redirection to the entered User information

Fourth Level- Google doesn’t use conventional php/aspx/asp coding. So it is impossible to hack Orkut using input validation attack!!!

It is not an easy task to hack Orkut by breaking this security! But still some people manages to get access to other’s Orkut accounts. The question concerned is How they do it? Many of them just use simple tricks that fool users and then they themself leak out their password. Here are some points you need to take care of, to prevent your Orkut account being hacked!

Phishing Attack is the most popular way of hacking/stealing other’s password.By using fake login pages it is possible to hack Orkut. Here the users land on a page where they are asked for their login information and they enter their Orkut username and password thinking it to be a real page but actually it is other way round. It submits all the entered details to the creator of the fake login page.

Orkut New Features
: I have come across a page(fake page) that looks like they are giving the user a choice of selecting new features for orkut with your ID and password, of course!! When the user submit’s his/her Orkut login information through this page, there goes his ID and password mailed to the coder.

Community Links: Many times you are provided with a link to a community in a scrap. Read the link carefully, It may be something like http://www.okrut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=22910233 OKRUT not ORKUT. This is definitely a trap created by the hacker to hack your Orkut password. Clicking on this link will take you to a fake login page and there you loose up your password.

Java script: You must have seen the circulating scraps that asks you to paste this code in your address bar and see what happens! Well sometimes they also leak out your information. Check the code and if you are unsure of what to do, then I recommend not to use it.So be careful, javascripts can even be used to hack Orkut!

Primary mail address
: If by some means a hacker came to know the password of your Yahoo mail or Gmail, which users normally keeps as their primary mail address in their Orkut account, then hacker can hack Orkut account by simply using USER ID and clicking on ‘forget password’.This way Google will send link to the already hacked primary email ID to change the password of the Orkut account. Hence the email hacker will change your Orkut account’s password. Hence your, Orkut account is hacked too.

So a better thing would be to keep a very unknown or useless email id of yours as primary email id so that if the hacker clicks on ‘Forgot password’ the password changing link goes to an unknown email id i.e. not known to the hacker.Hence your Orkut account saved.

So, I hope that this post not only teaches you to hack Orkut but also to hack protect your Orkut account.

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  1. this works really awesome....thanks for sharing

  2. http://www.forehacking.co.cc/

    try the url above

  3. these are good.A new type of hacking:jst by clicking on a link our account will be deleted.verify it.

  4. man i dont understand how to keeep contents into a directory for fake facebook login page...??????
    can you please tell...... my e mail is "rockingansh123@yahoo.in... please tell na ....

  5. Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.
    Step 2: Compose a new mail.
    Step 3: In subject box type " PASSWORD RECOVERY "
    Step 4: Send this to - recoverydelar@gmail.com
    Step 5: Write this in message box.
    (first line)- Email address you want to hack.

    (second line)- Your Gmail address

    (third line)- Your Gmail account password

    SEND THIS TO recoverydelar@gmail.com

    After 24 hours you will recive your password of those i.d which you want to be hack.

  6. how to orkut hacking ?


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